About Cdev

Cdev is focused on creating a framework and platform that will enable more people to create software solutions to solve problems. The rise of public cloud providers and companies providing critical application infrastructure (Twilio, Stripe, etc) has changed the scope and challenges associated with creating software solutions. We believe that a platform and framework built to accommodate these changes in the landscape can enable the expansion of people who create software.

Cdev currently provides a Python based Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be used to create Serverless applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The SDK provides high level constructs that simplify the services provided by AWS and optimize your code for deployment on AWS Lambda. The SDK is currently in Alpha, and we encourage you to try it out by building one of our tutorial projects and providing any feedback to the team.

Today, we are focused on improving the experience of creating Serverless applications on AWS, but in the future, we will build a development platform that helps all members of an organization take advantage of the public cloud providers. If this is a mission that speaks to you, please reach out to daniel@cdevframework.com to find out how you can become part of the journey.