Managing a Project

Cdev provides abstractions to manage resource graphs as projects.


A project is a representation that provides a more natural way of conceptualizing a resource graph. The Cdev Sdk provides a singleton object representing the information available for a project such as the settings, components, and resource output. You can create a new project using the cdev init command.

Accessing the Project Object

You can access the Project object using the singleton.

from cdev import Project as cdev_project

myProject = cdev_project.instance()


An environment is an isolated version of the project deployed in the cloud. You can create as many environments as needed for a project, which enables using individual environments for feature developement. By using resources that are pay per use, creating an isolated environment for each feature is no longer prohibitevly expensive.

Working with Environments
You can create and interact with the different environments of a project using the cdev environment command.